The Photographer’s Children Have No Pictures {Southern Maryland Photographer}

I love photographing kids. Their quirky mannerisms, bold expressions and fun personalities make every session a unique experience. Ironically, I’m a huge slacker when it comes to photographing my own kids. We get going with our day and I’ll think, “I should take photos of the boys. It’s been awhile.” Then somehow I blink, the day is over, and my camera is still sitting on the shelf. When I do pull out my gear, one or both of the boys decide to morph into rabid gremlins, making the process complete torture. So today, I made a firm commitment that I would get at least one photo, of at least one of the kids. After a wrestling match to get E in something decent, and numerous bribes of lollipops, we succeeded! I’m beyond relieved that he behaved because all his fun expressions kill me! What a character.



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