Hello Again! {Southern Maryland Photographer}

We survived the 9 hour trip back from Ohio without a scratch, dent or anything more than a wimper from the back seat. The boys were absolute troopers, cruising quietly in their car seats, taking in the scenery. (All those large neon signs for Gentlemen’s Clubs were hard to ignore) I regret to say I did not take a single photo on the trip. Not one. However, I did go to IKEA today for some retail therapy. Here are a few textiles I’m currently dying over. I wonder if I could butter up my friend, Cassie, enough to sew me something fantastic with these. Which one is your favorite?

This makes my head hurt but I love it. Bright colors and funky shapes always grab my attention.

This would be adorable in a little girl’s room. It’s so sweet and summery! This is a floral print I can get on board with.

Will I ever get tired of birds? Probably not. If only this were wallpaper…

Fun doodles. This would be cute in the boys’ playroom.


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