Baby “A” {Southern Maryland Photographer}

I absolutely LOVE photographing babies, and baby “A” was no exception. She was such a dream. Would you believe she was actually upset when I took her out of the yellow mug? Even better was when she fell asleep in the hard, wicker chair, wearing an itchy tutu as if it were the most comfortable setup ever. It’s safe to say she’s a mellow girl. Mom, dad and siblings love her to pieces and I can see why! Congratulations to the “M” family on your doll of a baby girl! I’m smitten.
Hat- Shelly Myers
Tutu- Harajuku Mini for Target

One thought on “Baby “A” {Southern Maryland Photographer}

  1. Mat March 2, 2012

    I added this to my facebook page. taknhs so much for sharing all ur amazing pictures with us. i started doing photography after i had my children. what a beautiful present from up above. i wouldn’t change a thing. they keep me young at heart and soul. i’d love to win this book. taknhs for letting me share

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