Monday Madness: Some Assembly Required {Southern Maryland Photographer}

Every so often, Colin and I stumble upon items for the boys that we just can’t pass up. We’ll be in the store, pass something, and immediately queue back-up beeping (the sound large trucks make to avoid squishing people in the vicinity). Our most recent item came in the form of an adorable, chevron tent at Target. (Surprise, surprise) It didn’t hurt that the tent was on super clearance. Score! To top things off, E’s birthday was coming up. We couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he opened his gift. The big day came, and Colin proudly placed the bag in front of our birthday boy. E looked at the bag, then Colin, then me, then when back to eating his cake. Fail! Didn’t E see the little boy on the packaging, grinning in his tent? After finishing his cake, E headed upstairs with his bag of disappointment and sat on the floor. Not wanting to be so easily defeated, Colin began assembling the tent and suddenly our boy’s eyes widened. As Colin finished popping the last pole in place, E squealed with joy and jumped inside. If I could read minds, he was probably thinking, “That was a close call! I’m soooooo glad my parents didn’t get me a random vinyl bag. This tent rocks!” Lesson learned: assemble gifts ahead of time. The tent has continued to be a fabulous source of entertainment and we’re relieved that our boy loves his gift as much as we hoped he would.

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