Sharlene + Shannon’s Sister Session {Southern Maryland Photographer}

Holy GORGEOUS girls, Batman! Sharlene and Shannon are absolutely beautiful and were naturals in front of the camera. They’re also great friends and love having fun together. They smiled, spun, jumped and laughed, making their session a blast from start to finish. Both girls are incredibly talented and do everything from lacrosse, to piano, to lifeguarding and field hockey. Between their talents and megawatt smiles, I was slightly intimidated, but don’t be fooled. These girls are total sweethearts!

One thought on “Sharlene + Shannon’s Sister Session {Southern Maryland Photographer}

  1. Rashmy October 2, 2012

    Really wish you had been around when I was pnnaegrt! I tried to get my husband to take some pics of me but he didn’t quite get it. Now there’s no getting that time back! Great pics!

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