“Heartiversary” {Southern Maryland Photographer}

Remember this sweet face? Well believe it or not, she is coming up on a year! Bright, bubbly, and full of spunk, it’s hard to believe Ellie went through open heart surgery. A thin scar runs the length of her rib cage, right down the center of her chest and I still get goosebumps when I see it. Becoming a mom has has deepened my protective side, so it’s hard to wrap my head around what this innocent little girl has been through and I just want to squeeze her! Ellie’s parents are thrilled that she pulled through so well and can’t wait to celebrate what they’ve dubbed Ellie’s “heartiversary”. To help mark this incredible milestone, we giggled, crawled, clapped, and tore apart some cake, all for super fun photos. Cute doesn’t begin to describe this kid, but I don’t need to tell you. See for yourself…

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