DIY Birthday Cards {Southern Maryland Photographer}

There are two things I absolutely LOVE celebrating: Christmas and birthdays, so it works out well that my birthday and Colin’s are in January. At our house it’s one big celebration from Christmas to mid-January, with more cake and ice cream than I can handle. Now that our gremlins are in the picture, scheming for Colin’s birthday has reached a whole new level of excitement. This year, I decided to take my OCD tendencies and lock them up tight in some dark, faraway closet so the boys and I could have a little fun. I wanted to make a card (I’ve never been super crazy about store-bought cards.) But this needed to be especially cool, since Colin is only THE coolest person on the planet. I decided on paint *deep breath* and told the boys my plan. As soon as the word “paint” escaped my lips, size 2T and 3T clothes were flung on nearby sofas, and little feet scampered into the kitchen with delight. Suddenly my kitchen felt like a scene from “Oh Were They Ever Happy” and I got a great workout keeping the gremlins on tiled surfaces. Despite a couple close run-ins between the wainscoting and some enthusiastic hands, the cards turned out great. (I did resort to lollipop bribery near the end) In a few years I’m sure we’ll look back at the cards in disbelief that four hands and four feet were ever that small. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world! The boys and I absolutely adore you in our own special, messy kind of way.

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