Cupcakes and Sunshine

I think it’s safe to say Maryland got about two days of spring before we were thrown right into an early April heat wave! The minute temperatures exceed 75 degrees, my boys are ready to strip down to the bare minimum and chase each other in the backyard. Yesterday’s weather was ideal for such barefoot, shirtless romping, so I chased both boys with the camera. The younger of the two is celebrating his second birthday today, so we incorporated cupcakes, which he was surprisingly reluctant to demolish. (This is probably because they were not his Uncle’s famous tie-dyed, whipped almond frosting cupcakes.) I’m no baker but who can resist a gooey, chocolate cupcake? Apparently he can. Happy birthday to my sweet, spunky, mischief-maker extraordinaire! Your snaggle tooth, scheming grin, and endless energy make you an entertaining handful and I love every bit of you!

One thought on “Cupcakes and Sunshine

  1. Dorothy Robb April 12, 2013

    Looks like birthday boy enjoyed his 2nd celebration! They are so sweet, and am looking forward to seeing them in May! Really miss you all so much! Love to all!

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