Justin + Vicki Tie the Knot {Southern Maryland Photographer}

Justin and Vicki’s wedding couldn’t have come together more perfectly! Everything took place at Woodlawn Manor, in Ridge, Maryland, and the views were spectacular from every direction. As the day began, the lovebirds were full of anticipation. Vicki caught glimpses of her soon-to-be-husband through her window, and squealed with excitement. They shared an intimate moment before the ceremony, holding hands around a door, not seeing each other while standing only inches apart. A small lump formed in the back of my throat as Justin’s daughter carried the couple’s four month old baby down the aisle. Justin and Vicki’s union had extra special significance as it brought their two families together. The day only got better as everyone moved to the reception, and dancing began. The bride and her older brother performed a surprise dance montage that had everyone rolling. My favorite moment came when the DJ announced the anniversary dance, one I had never heard of. Married couples went out on the dance floor and danced until the number of years they’d been married, was announced. Eventually, the couples were whittled down to only three, and the DJ brought a microphone around to ask how long each couple had been married. The oldest couple announced they’d been married for 53 years and everyone applauded. It was an incredible juxtaposition to see Justin and Vicki newly married, beside a couple who had weathered the storms together, and were still just as in love as ever. I don’t normally get emotional at weddings, but that dance added a special moment of reflection, as I caught Colin’s glance from across the tent. Justin and Vicki have only been married a few short days, and they already make an amazing couple. I can’t wait for them to have the chance someday to be that couple left on the dance floor showing newlyweds what it means to be more in love with each day that passes.  

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