Jonathan + Leanne Tie the Knot {Southern Maryland Photographer}

The morning of Jonathan and Leanne’s wedding I walked in the hotel lobby just as it started pouring. As the girls got their hair done, and the guys put on their suits, they watched the rain steadily continue. Then, the sun started to peek through the clouds. By the time the ceremony started there was hardly a cloud in sight. From what I’ve been told, there were some incredibly special people watching over this wedding, from above. Their gift to the bride and groom must have been miraculous sunshine just in the knick of time. The rest of the day came together beautifully, with gorgeous detail after detail. A live band beckoned guests under the tent for cocktails, and fresh lemonade in mason jars kept everyone cool. After a sweet father-daughter dance, and a mother-son dance that put a lump in my throat, Jonathan, Leanne and I snuck away for photos. Watching this pair together was amazing. (They dated for longer than I’ve been married!) Their love is romantic, and familiar like they’ve known each other forever. While we were down by the water, I let them have a moment without any cameras or distractions, so they could take in the day. When we got back to the tent, the party was in full swing with s’mores cooking and music that had everyone on the dance floor until late into the night. Working with Jonathan and Leanne was such a dream, and I was thrilled to capture their big day!www.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.lulued

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