Baby “A” + Fan Club {Southern Maryland Photographer}

At less than a week old, baby A is already breaking hearts everywhere. This little girl was such a sweetheart and snoozed through her whole session. All of her dainty features were perfect, from her fuzzy ears to her tiny toenails. I was completely awestruck when Heather pulled out a cast she had done of her belly, shortly before delivering her baby. We placed baby A in the cast, and she instantly nestled in and fell asleep. Heather even remarked at the placement of her baby’s feet, remembering what those kicks felt like just a few days before. Mom and dad are totally in love with their girl, and such naturals at parenting. For running low on sleep and having a completely new routine, they’re getting the hang of things so quickly. They might disagree about what their daughter will be when she grows up (soccer star or ballerina?) but they’ll both be wrapped around her flawless little finger.


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