Tristan + Rebecca’s Romantic Rural Maternity Session {Southern Maryland Photographer}

Tristan and Rebecca are expecting their first baby, a girl, in November and they’re so excited! They’ve been hard at work getting the nursery ready and all that’s left to do is play the waiting game. Rebecca is playing it cool, and wears pregnancy incredibly well. She was all smiles for photos and never complained, despite doing quite a bit of walking to find the perfect spots. Between the beautiful scenery and gorgeous couple, I could’ve stayed all day. After watching these lovebirds together, there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll make amazing parents. www.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.lulued

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