Steve + Samantha’s Intimate Waterfront Wedding {Annapolis Wedding Photographer}

Roses, chocolates, and jewelry. This is what I typically think of when I think “Valentine’s Day.” However, this year’s celebration was extra special. Steve and Samantha tied the knot on Valentine’s Day with their absolute closest family and friends. It was a simple, but elegant gathering, overlooking the water at Herrington on the Bay. Samantha didn’t want a lot of fuss and kept the focus around the most important part of the day: marrying her best friend of more than nine years. After the ceremony, everyone sat down to a fantastic meal of crab cakes (my favorite) and roast beef. Steve decided against traditional wedding cake and opted for melt-in-your-mouth, straight-from-grandma’s-kitchen, gourmet cookies. (Orange zest sugar cookies, anyone?) The entire afternoon was funny, sweet, touching and reflective. As excited as I was for my own Valentine’s celebration, I was thrilled to be part of Steve and Samantha’s beautiful day.
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