Abi’s One Year Session {Southern Maryland Child Photographer}

Where did the past year go?! Little Abi, who once snoozed in her vintage suitcase, can now sit on top of it. I had the best time catching up with this adorable girl and her parents. It’s hard to believe she’s already walking everywhere, and smiling (all the time). We made sure to get some family photos before Abi devoured her birthday smash cake, and she certainly made short work of it. I just can’t get enough of this cute girl!www.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.comwww.luluedward.com

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