Chris + Kristi’s Lifestyle Newborn Session {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

Lifestyle newborn sessions might just be one of my favorite niches, so I was thrilled to get together with Chris and Kristi to photograph their new baby boy. Baby Weston’s arrival was early, but he is doing amazing and growing by the minute. My kids were all in the 71/2 pound range, so holding a less than 6 pound baby was unreal. Those long, skinny legs, and itty bitty fingers! Every delicate feature was so incredibly tiny! I’m really glad we were able to document the first days at home, because yes, “they [really do] grow so fast.” Weston was still so foldable, and curled up against Kristi’s chest in an instant. His entire head fit comfortably in his dad’s hand. Every bit of his newness was just beautiful, and the newness of parenthood for Chris and Kristi was awesome to watch. Kristi wears motherhood with such relaxed enthusiasm. Chris is already a swaddling pro, and doesn’t mind holding his baby boy one bit. This mom and dad make parenting look pretty dang amazing, and I loved capturing such a wonderful milestone for them!

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