Kevin and Maegan’s Lifestyle Newborn Session {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

One of the best aspects of what I do is crossing paths with really fantastic people I wouldn’t have the chance to meet otherwise. Case in point: Kevin and Maegan. We had the best time capturing their first weeks as a family of four. (I had to count their first baby, four year old Great Dane, Gansett. Hello, handsome!) Before I even started photographing them, Kevin and Maegan brought me into their (gorgeous) home and we sat and chatted for quite awhile. They’re such a warm, down-to-earth couple, and instantly felt like great friends. Baby Charley is at that awesome stage where she’s still relatively small and new, but her personality has exploded. Her oh-so-yummy baby rolls are head to toe! I almost lost it when she sat in the middle of her parents’ bed, tilted her chin up, and cheesed so big her eyes almost closed completely. (Her daddy was telling her she was pretty. Is that not the cutest thing ever?!) This session was so much fun, I honestly could’ve stayed all day. I love that such a perfect baby is now part of such a wonderful family, with parents who were her biggest fans the second she arrived. Is there anything better?

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