More Than Just “One Thing” {Southern Maryland Family Photographer}

So…I blinked and eight weeks flew by! Welcoming our newest peanut into the crew has been exciting, exhausting, and amazing. With each tiny human we’ve added to our family, a whole new set of adjustments comes into play. My Instagram feed has been light on work-related photos, and heavy on the personal. (To be fair, my littles are pretty dang cute if you ask me)

Some tasks move to the very top of the list, shift to dead last, or drop out completely. My previously for-the-most-part-tidy house is currently a little disorganized, a tad smelly, and a lot louder. Dry shampoo and topknots are heaven-sent. I won’t elaborate on that one. In this frenzy of doing, and going, and cooking and shopping, we can lose sight of the most important job on our list. It’s the one that’s never actually scribbled on that crumpled scrap of paper along with our other to-dos, or added to the grocery list in our cute floral planner.

Raise your hand if you scurry around, trying to make it all happen, then whisk your zoo to bed, flop down on the sofa, and breathe a sigh of relief that you made it through another day?..Then suddenly, you’re standing over those adorable little sleeping people, analyzing how many smooches you doled out, if you stayed in character well enough at the toy room tea party, or if you could’ve afforded to swing in the backyard juuuust a minute longer. We’re constantly trapped in the puzzle of how to get the Everest-high pile of laundry done and still make room for storytime snuggles.

Suddenly I realize that my oldest is eight. (Cue ugly crying) I blinked and overnight he went from a tiny tree frog on my shoulder, to a semi-independent kid on the verge of needing deodorant! To say I need to savor this stage would be an understatement. My sweet friend and amazing writer put it best when she said:

“I’ve come to realize, motherhood is not about being everything to everyone, but being everything to my child. Maybe I’ve known this all along, I was just too afraid to embrace it. Maybe I’m finally okay being just “one thing” all of the time, because if that one thing is being this little boy’s mommy, then I am pretty damn lucky.” – it’s little bird

Task lists be damned. That sky-high pile of oatmeal encrusted bowls can wait. I’m soaking up this moment as long as I can because I know what happens when I blink.

Photo credit: Amanda Adams Photography

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