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Ryan and Heather’s Picnic Inspired Family Photos {Southern Maryland Family Photographer}

Who’s over all this crazy rain? Yep, me too. Fortunately, the sun peeked out just long enough for a super fun session with Ryan and Heather’s adorable family! Their youngest, Aidan, just turned one and they wanted to capture this sweet, young stage in their family’s life. I remember Heather’s maternity photos for Abi like it was yesterday! That old “time flies” sentiment is much too true. These four had such a fun time sipping on orange Crush, giggling, and snacking on chocolate chip cookies. They love playing and laughing together, making my job a total blast. And that yellow bike! DROOL! The entire session came together in such a fun, relaxed way and totally has me itching for my own picnic under the trees.

Jamie and Amanda’s Lifestyle Newborn Session {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

Jamie and Amanda had their first baby several weeks ago, and I had the best time photographing their first weeks as a family of three. They’re completely smitten with their baby boy, and I was a pile of mush 2 seconds into the session. I’ve met a lot of cute babies in my lifetime, but my gosh, baby Jay is an absolute doll! Move over, Gerber baby! Jay was smiley and sweet the whole way through, showing off those baby blues and yummy round cheeks. I had so much fun, watching Jamie and Amanda with their sweet baby, and felt the tremendous amount of love he has added to their home.

Bobby and Melissa’s Lifestyle Newborn Session {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

Bobby and Melissa welcomed their third baby, Genevieve, just a few days ago, and are adjusting to life as a family of five! I had the best time hanging out with them and their super cute kiddos. Their gorgeous house is so cozy and inviting, and I felt right at home. (I had total decor lust, after being introduced to Gladys, the steer.) The kids adore their baby sister, and gave her lots of love for photos. It was wild how overnight, Camden and Penelope seemed enormous compared to their itty bitty sister. I had a hard time deciding which sibling Genevieve took after, and she seemed to have a great blend of both. Every single feature of that beautiful baby was perfect, and she was so mellow the entire time! Genevieve couldn’t have possibly come into a more amazing, loving home, with some of the sweetest parents I’ve ever met. I’m thrilled for this incredible family, and the new bundle of love they’ve added to their super cute group! 

Chris + Kristi’s Lifestyle Newborn Session {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

Lifestyle newborn sessions might just be one of my favorite niches, so I was thrilled to get together with Chris and Kristi to photograph their new baby boy. Baby Weston’s arrival was early, but he is doing amazing and growing by the minute. My kids were all in the 71/2 pound range, so holding a less than 6 pound baby was unreal. Those long, skinny legs, and itty bitty fingers! Every delicate feature was so incredibly tiny! I’m really glad we were able to document the first days at home, because yes, “they [really do] grow so fast.” Weston was still so foldable, and curled up against Kristi’s chest in an instant. His entire head fit comfortably in his dad’s hand. Every bit of his newness was just beautiful, and the newness of parenthood for Chris and Kristi was awesome to watch. Kristi wears motherhood with such relaxed enthusiasm. Chris is already a swaddling pro, and doesn’t mind holding his baby boy one bit. This mom and dad make parenting look pretty dang amazing, and I loved capturing such a wonderful milestone for them!