Category: Wee Ones

Charles and Stephanie’s Fall Family Photos {Southern Maryland Family Photographer}

This sweet family! Their session was pure joy from beginning to end. The weather was perfect and we explored a local farm, letting Charles and Stephanie’s son Ben lead the way. Ben has changed so much since I photographed him as a baby, and his personality has exploded! He entertained everyone with funny faces, jibber jabber, and even blew me a kiss! This family was ridiculously cute together, and acted as if no one was following them around with a camera. Those are the moments I live for: the ones where everyone is so wrapped up in each other, hugging and giggling, that they’ve forgotten I’m even there. It was a beautiful evening spent with a family I’m absolutely crazy about!

Carl and Julie’s Lifestyle Newborn Sesssion {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

Where do I start with this beautiful family? The last time we did photos, their oldest was itty bitty and peed all over me. (It comes with the territory, and will make for a great story when she’s older!) Now Carsyn is a big sister, full of spunk, and running all over the place. She loved showing off her baby brother, but wasn’t so crazy about having her own photo taken. A couple sweet treats did the trick and then she was all smiles. Don’t even get me startd on that baby brother of hers. Little Cole was absolutely precious, and that hair nearly killed me. That kid is already rockin’ a fauxhawk! And those cheeks. So. Dang. Yummy. Photographing milestones in this family’s life is seriously the best. It’s like getting together with out of town relatives, and catching up is so wonderful. Julie and Carl are always so warm and mellow, making it hard to leave when we’re done. I couldn’t be happier for them and had to squeeze Julie more than once before saying goodbye. Thankfully it wasn’t goodbye, so much as it was a pause until the next time we get together, and I can’t wait to see these four again soon!

Jonathan and Leanne’s Fresh 48 Session {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

The first 48 hours after a baby arrives might just be the most beautifully wild hours in a woman’s life. With the help of the man she adores most, she welcomes this brand new life into the world. Everything else disappears, and in a moment life completely changes.

When Leanne told me she was expecting, and wanted hospital photos, I was excited and honored. Those first few days are amazing, exhausting and incredibly personal. I’m constantly battling the duality of wanting to capture significant moments in people’s lives, while also wanting to allow them time to enjoy the moment, uninterrupted. Taking a peek into such a special milestone in Jonathan and Leanne’s lives was really awesome, and I loved photographing their first hours as new parents. I don’t know that I’ll ever see Leanne get her feathers ruffled. She has got to be one of the most calm, steady people I know, making her an amazing mom. Jonathan was so attentive, taking the whole experience in quietly and sweetly. That baby girl and those yummy round cheeks multiplied the love in her family exponentially, in an instant!

Brad and Kristy’s Lifestyle Newborn Session {Southern Maryland Family Photographer}

Man, oh man, this baby boy stole my heart today. Baby E  is brand new and so so cute! All his features were beautiful and he already looks like such a little man. Brad and Kristy might be first-time parents, but they were unbelievably chill the entire time I was at their house. Kristy was cheerful, and easygoing, keeping E happy with snuggles and songs. Brad was completely smitten, cradling his new son with a huge grin on his face. Their cute pooch even hopped up on the bed for some photos and gave his little brother a kiss on the head. This little guy will have no shortage of affection, and I might need to sneak over for cuddles too! Is there anything better than holding a sweet, new, sleepy baby?