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“Do You Tour” {California Photographer}

Back in the fall when we were in California for a few months, we took some time to drive up Highway 1. Talk about jaw-dropping, chill-inducing views at every turn! It’s a good thing Colin was driving or we would’ve stopped every 2 seconds to take more photos. At one point we stopped to take in the sunset and stumbled upon these guys. “Fresh out of college, neither of us had jobs lined up, so we bought a van. We plan on seeing as much of America as we can, while living out of the van until at least next spring. We don’t have a set plan and we’re not on a strict schedule. We’re just going with the flow. The Do You Tour represents living life the way you want to and doing the things you want to do. Do you, do you?” I loved their silhouettes against the giant evening sky. It put a smile on my face to see them enjoying the phenomenal sunset in quiet simplicity and I can’t wait to see what other parts of the country they stopped to admire.


“Get Up, Get Out!” {Southern Maryland Photographer}

When I’m not climbing around like a spider monkey for the perfect shot, I love a good workout. If the weather is nice, I usually stick the gremlins in the stroller so they can enjoy the awesome spring scenery. On days when the weather isn’t quite so cheerful I love hopping on YouTube for a good kick in the pants. My recent favorite is BodyByBecky . Having worked with Bob Harper and Brooklyn Decker, Becky knows just the right moves to sculpt, tone and get your heart rate sky high. This girl doesn’t mess around but man is she upbeat! I love going on her Facebook page for motivation. Today she posted, “You are too smart to be the ONLY thing standing in your way, so get UP, get OUT, annnnnnd get about your day!” What’s your favorite go-to for that extra boost?

Happy Spring! {Southern Maryland Photographer}

I absolutely LOVE springtime! I moved to Southern Maryland as a little kid and every year I’m still caught off guard by how gorgeous it is here in the spring. Driving around town, “E” loves pointing out all the “popcorn” trees (any tree with big, white blossoms). The smell of pollen and freshly cut grass is intoxicating. I’ve already started pulling out sandals. Winter boots have been banished to the back corner of my closet. I swear I’m a whole new person when the sun shines later and the thermometer hits 70 degrees.

How did you celebrate the first day of spring?

Pillow Fight! {Southern Maryland Photographer}

Lately I’ve been on a cute pillow kick! All the fun spring colors and patterns are putting me in the mood to update my decor. Chevron is my latest love and I just can’t get enough of it! I’m also a sucker for an updated classic. If you’re like me, you’ll die over Caitlin Wilson Textiles . The site offers pillows, pillow covers and fabric by the yard. In case that didn’t induce enough drool, check out her blog . Here’s a little taste of the textiles in her shop:

 Of course, if you’re like me, $60 for a pillow is a bit steep. Here are a few alternatives worth checking out:


Pillowflight On Etsy: 

CoupleHome on Etsy:

SewGracious on Etsy:

Which one is your favorite? I might be in the mood for a giveaway…